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Barry Keighley Guitar, Lead Vocals
Hugh Little Lead Guitar, Vocals

Friends since their early childhood in Ulan Bator, Little and Keighley embarked on nearly fifty years of competitive rehearsal. During the mid to late 1970's they abandoned an outdated set list (of primarily Civil War era, folk songs) and toured relentlessly as a contemporary cover band. Exhausted from their gig-a-month schedule, the group disbanded with Little entering Grade School for the first time (I enjoyed the freedom that short pants afforded me) and Keighley off to nurture a fledgling career in the garment industry. The rest of the band retired to old-age homes.

Inspired by the zeitgeist of the times, the duo reformed in 1980 and with the post-punk/new wave scene exploding around them, dusted off their old civil war set list and stunned fans of historical music by playing the songs really fast. After being booed off the stage at the Gettysburg Memorial Songfest for Playing Dixie at breakneck speed, they once again tired of the road and decided to rest and regroup.

Anxious to recapture old glories, Keighley abandoned his role as Model Tank Builder to the Queen and coaxed a recalcitrant Little back into the spotlight. Little later mused, I mean what was I going to say? He was so earnest! I think the Panzers were scaring the corgis and he was low on cash. Emboldened by astoundingly lukewarm reaction to their new material the newly christened Pont des Arts, (I'm not positive but I believe it's some kind of French sandwich, explained Keighley ) began writing new songs and performing them at backyard BBQs.

Buoyed by the positive reaction afforded their initial offerings and fortified by industrial strength Lakota Smoothies the boys look forward to years of recording and physical therapy. A major tour of neighbourhood Splash pads is currently in the planning stages.



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